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David E Price Jr



Studio Information


De’ Price is Right Studio is currently a part-time studio based in my home in Columbiaville, Michigan. I have recorded artists such as: Steve Ratliff on piano (of the Calvarymen Quartet);The Joyful Sounds Quartet; pianist Jean Willard; pianist David Rambaum, The Holy Mountain Boys, soloist James Bruney, and several other local artists such as Redeemed Quintet from Yale, Michigan. David is also available to work as producer with you and/or your group.


Studio Statistics:







































Studio Time: $27.00 per hour

Contact us for special package pricing.

Other services available by request

such as graphic design, producer

services, etc. Contact us

for complete pricing information.


We also offer LP or Cassette to CD transfer. Call for pricing.


LP Transfer Demo (Includes before and after clean up)




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